I was born in Limerick Ireland near the Shannon River. I grew up and went to school in a small beautiful fishing village called photoHowth which is about 9 miles North of Dublin .

Joined the British Royal Air Force when I was 20 years old and during my time with The Royal Air Force I sometimes worked with the Chaplains assigned to the different base’s helping families with their different needs . This was my first involvement with Chaplains and some of the work that they did .

I arrived in the USA in 1980 and worked in Florida . In 1983 I became an Ordained Chaplain with The National Chaplains Association and decided to Specialize in performing weddings in Florida and Georgia as a non-denominational minister .

I moved to Georgia permanently in 1989 and was selected to conduct a wedding at The Olympic Stadium in 1996 for a couple who were performing in The Closing Ceremonies .I was fortunate that this wedding generated a huge amount of publicity and I did not have to advertise my services since that time . All of my weddings are from people referring me to each other and from many wonderful Venues that are kind enough to have me on their Preferred Vendors List which I consider to be a great honor .Sadly I do have to turn down many weddings during the year due to being booked or having a conflict with the wedding ceremony time . I also perform some Renewal of Wedding Vows and Christenings and sadly at times Memorial Services for many of the people that I have been in contact with for over 30 years as a Chaplain . I am delighted to have such a wonderful life and lifestyle where I meet such kind and warm and loving people . My friends in the wedding business are the best in the world and I hope that we will all continue to work together for many many more years .

God Bless

Chaplain Jeremiah O’Keefe-West